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Keurig K45 Coffee Maker

Keurig K45 Single-Serve Coffee Maker (click to enlarge)

A while back, I took the Keurig K45 Elite Brewing System for a test drive while staying at a neighbor’s house. I’ve always loved the simplicity of Keurig machines and the K-Cup system, and the K45 offers that flexibility that I’ve been craving in single-serve brewers. I’ll explain more in my review.

Keurig-Quality Construction

First, let’s talk about the quality of the K45’s construction. If you have any experience with Keurig machines, you already know how well-built they are. I’ve known people who have had their machines for several years and it still brews great coffee. The K45 is no exception.

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Sophisticated Design and Convenient Features

Now, let’s get back to that flexibility I was talking about earlier. Unlike other single-serve brewers, the K45 Elite gives you the option of brewing 6oz., 8oz. or 10oz. cups of coffee. This means you don’t have to run two brewing cycles just to fill your travel mug for work in the morning.

Another great feature is the large 48oz. water reservoir. If you’re brewing a large cup of coffee or more than one person is making a cup, you don’t have to make several trips to the sink to refill the water tank. And the K45 even comes with a water filter kit, so you can enjoy fresh, pure coffee every time.

With the K45, you can customize your coffee with just a few clicks of a button.

The K45 is always ready to brew, and will make you a cup of whatever you want – coffee, tea, hot cocoa or even iced tea – in less than a minute.

And if you forget to turn off the machine, it will shut off automatically after a given period of time.

Easy to Clean

The Keurig K45 is really easy to clean. A damp sponge or towel can be used to wipe down the exterior of the machine. And to keep the machine clean, there’s a special descale program that will remove build-up and hard water residue.

Most parts, including the water tank and drip tray, are removable and easily washed by hand with soap and water.

Built to Last

Backed by the Keurig name, the K45 Elite Brewing system is built to last. I’ve tested quite a few coffee makers, and you can tell by the weight and build of this machine that it will give you plenty of use. Some coffee makers feel “flimsy”. This one doesn’t by any means.

Won’t Break the Bank

Some Keurig machines can be expensive, but the K45 is very reasonably priced. Considering this machine gives you the flexibility to brew bigger cups of coffee, it’s worth the cost.

Why I Recommend the K45

  • Multiple cup sizes (6oz – 10oz.).
  • Large, 48oz. water reservoir, so you can brew multiple cups before having to refill.
  • Automatic shutoff feature.
  • Water filter cartridge included.
  • Comes with 12 K-Cups to get you started.
  • Brews in just one minute.

Minor Drawbacks

  • Not programmable

The K45 doesn’t offer any programmable features, so you won’t be able to wake up to a freshly brewed cup of coffee. But it takes just one minute to make a cup of coffee, so this really isn’t much of an issue.

The Keurig K45 is a sleek single-serve coffee maker that gives you the flexibility you crave. With multiple cup sizes and a large reservoir, this is a coffee maker the whole family can use.

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