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Are you a single coffee drinker? If you’re the lone coffee-lover in your home, a single-serve brewer is an economical and smart choice. I’ve tried (and owned) quite a few of these coffee makers, and it can be hit or miss in the quality department. I’ve rounded up my top picks for single-serve brewers to help you find the right machine for you.

My Top Pick: Keurig K130 Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Keurig K130 Single-Serve

Keurig K130 Single-Serve (click to enlarge)

Looking for the best-tasting, most convenient cup of coffee? The Keurig K130 won’t disappoint. This is my absolute favorite single-serve brewer, and it’s backed by the beloved Keurig name.

The K130 comes with quite a few features that I love and I’m sure you’ll love too. For starters, it brews just a single 8oz. cups of coffee. Other Keurig models can also brew full pots – this machine can’t. Since you’re shopping for a single-serve brewer, I doubt this will be an issue.

As you may have guessed, this machine uses K-Cups, and it can brew so much more than just coffee. You’ll find K-Cups for hot cocoa, tea, and even iced beverages. I love the versatility that comes along with the K-Cup system. The best part? You can enjoy your cup of coffee, tea or cocoa in less than three minutes.

And if you have issues figuring out how to use single-serve coffee makers, you’re in luck. The K130 has pictorial instructions on the front left side of the machine.

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The Keurig K130 has everything I love in a single-serve brewer. It’s:

  • Well-made and backed by the respected Keurig name.
  • Decently priced, making it one of the more affordable Keurig models.
  • Well-designed with an auto off feature, K-Cup system, pictorial instruction, mug sensor and single-use reservoir.
  • Easy to clean and maintain. Simply clean as you would any other drip coffee maker.

The K130 has plenty of great features, but it’s the quality of the brew that really matters – and this model doesn’t disappoint. I’ve tested the K130 quite a few times – in hotel rooms and at friends’ houses. It’s always brewed fantastic cups of coffee.

As I mentioned earlier, the Keurig K130 only brews single 8oz. cups of coffee. If you’re looking for a little more flexibility in cup size, I would recommend the Keurig K45. This model will give you three serving size options: 6, 8 and 10 ounces.

Runner Up: Mr. Coffee Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Mr. Coffee Single-Serve

Mr. Coffee Single-Serve (click to enlarge)

The first coffee maker I ever owned was a Mr. Coffee drip machine. The Mr. Coffee name is one I trust and respect. That’s why I wasn’t surprised when the brand’s single serve brewer produced a cup of coffee that’s just as good as the Keurig.

Mr. Coffee’s single-serve machine uses the same K-Cup technology that Keurig uses, which is one of the main reasons I ranked it as my runner-up. I don’t have to worry about grinding my own coffee beans. I can just throw in a K-Cup and take care of other important things while my coffee brews.

I also love that this machine comes with a 40oz. removable water reservoir, which is so much more convenient than the Hamilton Beach brewer (more on that later).

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With this Mr. Coffee machine, you get three brew size options:

  • 6 oz.
  • 8 oz.
  • 10 oz.

The removable drip tray makes it easy to accommodate larger mugs and even traveling mugs. And because it uses such a large water reservoir, you can brew multiple cups without having to refill. It’s convenient and simple, which is exactly what you need in a coffee maker.

Compatible with K-Cup packs, you can brew coffee, cocoa and tea in this machine. Brewing time is less than one minute, which means you can be out the door and on your way to work in no time. It’s also great for picky guests who prefer decaf coffee or hot tea over your usual coffee blend.

With stainless steel accents and a black housing, this brewer looks great in any kitchen. It’s easy to use and even easier to clean.

The Mr. Coffee single brewer is a bit pricier than the Keurig K130, but it does give you flexibility as far as brew size is concerned. And it’s compatible with K-Cup packs for added convenience.

Most Affordable: Hamilton Beach 49981A Single-Serve Coffee Maker

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Hamilton Beach Single-Serve

Hamilton Beach Single-Serve (click to enlarge)

If you’re searching for a single-serve brewer but are on a tight budget, the Hamilton Beach 49981A is a smart option. It’s really easy to use, has a sleek design and is affordable priced.

I just want to note that this coffee maker doesn’t use the K-Cup system. Like a regular drip coffee maker, you’ll be putting your grounds in a mesh scoop filter. I tend to prefer K-Cups because they’re so convenient – there’s no measuring or grinding involved. That being said, K-Cups can be expensive, and they do limit your options. With the Hamilton Beach brewer, you can use any flavor, strength and brand coffee you want.

The Hamilton Beach brewer also allows you to brew up to 14oz. of coffee at a time, which means you can fill up a travel mug without having to run two brewing cycles.

Made with brushed stainless steel and black accents, the 49981A is sleek and looks fantastic in any kitchen. It has the looks of a high-end coffee maker, but the price tag of an entry-level model.

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One neat design feature that I really loved was the brewer’s adjustable L-shaped cup rest. If I’m brewing a small 8oz. cup, I can lift the stand so that it’s closer to the nozzle. For larger 14oz. mugs, I can simply leave the rest on the lowest setting. The 49981A also gives you the option of choosing between regular or bold brew settings.

Hamilton Beach describes this single-serve brewer as “affordable” and “no fuss,” and I’m inclined to agree. There’s no extra equipment or high-tech features to complicate the process. Just fill up the filter with your favorite coffee and brew. In less than 90 seconds, you’ll have a single 8 oz. cup of fresh, delicious coffee.

If you want a single-serve brewer, but can’t afford a Keurig or the pricier Mr. Coffee machine, I highly recommend the Hamilton Beach 49981A.