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Elegant, modern and luxurious are just a few of the words that come to mind when I think of the Grosche Madrid French press. I recently had the pleasure of trying this coffee maker out, and I instantly fell in love with its design. It brews a pretty great pot of coffee too. Available in three sizes (11.8oz, 34oz and 51oz), the Madrid is a press every kitchen should have.

Premium Quality French Press

The Grosche Madrid has a borosilicate glass carafe with a sleek chrome housing. It’s minimalistic in design, but modern and elegant. The chrome housing and lid are sturdy and well-built. Of course, the glass carafe is fragile just like with any other French press.

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A Classic and Elegant Design

I love the classic French press look, but the Madrid offers something a little different in the design department. The housing is slimmer, sleeker and shinier. The handle is an extension of the frame’s design and made of chrome – not plastic.

The only plastic part of this press is the bottom part of the lid, which twists right or left to close or open the pot. This is a great feature because closing the lid will help keep the coffee hotter for longer.

The stainless steel plate filter is a three-part system, and a secondary lid is included on the lid.

With the Madrid French press, you can brew up to 34oz. of fresh coffee or tea. You can even brew blooming tea in this pot.

Cleanup is a Breeze

The Grosche Madrid has a relatively simple design, so it’s very easy to clean. The housing and handle are one piece, which makes it easy to remove and rinse clean. The glass carafe and lid come clean with a little soap and water.

I’ve never tried to wash any of the components in the dishwasher, so I can’t say it’s dishwasher-safe. But it’s so easy to clean by hand that this really shouldn’t be an issue.

Will Give You Years of Use

The Madrid is a French press that will last for years as long as you take good care of it. The chrome housing on this press is extra-sturdy, so I don’t see it bending, warping or breaking anytime soon. The glass carafe is a bit fragile, but that’s to be expected. Just take care when handling it, and it will stay in great condition.

Priced Just Right

Don’t let the word “premium” deter you – this press is more than affordable. The premium-quality Madrid is in the same price range as entry-level French presses.

The Good

  • Chrome housing, lid and handle for extra durability
  • Borosilicate glass carafe for a pure taste
  • Three-part stainless steel filter and second filter on the lid to keep grounds in the pot
  • Sleek design that looks elegant in the kitchen

The Bad

  • The second filter is plastic

The top of the lid is metal, but the underside (where the second filer is located) is made of plastic. Coffee purists may be concerned with the plastic altering the coffee’s taste, but I never personally experienced this.

The Grosche Madrid is a premium quality French press at an affordable price. With a glass carafe and sleek chrome housing, this press will be the star of the show at the breakfast table.

Click here to get the price of the Grosche Madrid Premium French Press. This french press makes great tea too!