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Finding a drip coffee maker that brews a good pot of coffee is not always easy to find. But the Bonavita BV1800 combines smart design with great engineering to create a coffee machine that produces some of the best coffee around. I’ve had the pleasure of testing this model personally, and it’s one of my favorite coffee makers of all time. I’ll explain why in my in-depth review.


The BV1800 is German-engineered and built to Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) standards. In fact, it’s one of just a few coffee makers that have earned the SCAA seal of approval.

With a smart design and great features, this machine brews up a fantastic pot of coffee.

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Smart Design and Features

Bonavita says the BV1800 will brew the “perfect cup of coffee, every time”. And they weren’t lying. So, what’s this machine’s secret? It’s all in the design.

First, the 1400W thermal block heater heats water to the optimal brewing temperature (around 205 degrees F). Once the water’s hot enough, it’s released through the machine’s “showerhead,” which distributes the water evenly over the grounds. The results? Optimal extraction and saturation.

It’s the showerhead design and the right water temperature that ensures the BV1800 brews the perfect cup of coffee. It’s not rocket science – just great engineering.

The BV1800 comes packed with other great features too, like:

  • Large water tank with wide opening and markings for easy filling and measuring
  • Glass or thermal carafe
  • Separate heater that keeps your coffee warm without overcooking it
  • Two-hour automatic shutoff
  • Brews up to 8 (5oz) cups of coffee in 5-6 minutes

I also wanted to mention that this coffee maker comes with either a glass or thermal carafe, which gives you some flexibility to choose the carafe you want.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Let’s be honest – most automatic coffee makers are a pain to clean. But not the BV1800. I was so surprised by just how easy it was to clean up after brewing.

The basket is easy to clean, so you aren’t left with little grinds stuck in those hard-to-reach places. The lid and the showerhead can also be removed and washed in the dishwasher.

The water reservoir isn’t removable as far as I can tell. But a quick brew cycle with just plain water/vinegar (no coffee!) will keep the reservoir clean.

And because this machine is relatively simple, it’s really easy to maintain. Just make sure you keep it clean, and it should work perfectly for years to come.

Built to Last

With a high quality stainless steel exterior, thermal block heater and two-year warranty, this is a coffee maker that will provide you with many years of use. And it’s UL Certified for safety compliance.

Great Value

The Bonavita BV1800 is priced at a very interesting price-point with the glass carafe. If you choose the thermal carafe, you’ll pay just a little bit more. For an SCAA approved coffee maker, that’s a fantastic deal.

Why I Recommend this Coffee Maker

There are so many reasons why I would recommend this coffee maker.

  • It heats the water to the optimal brewing temperature before it ever touches the grounds. You never have to worry about over- or under-extraction.
  • The showerhead design ensures the grounds are saturated for optimal flavor extraction.
  • Two-hour keep-warm means I can brew a pot of coffee in the morning and carry on with my routine knowing my coffee will still be hot when I’m ready for it.
  • A 5-6 minute brew time means I can still enjoy my coffee even if I’m in a rush.
  • A two-year warranty protects my purchase.

What Could Have Been Better

There’s not much to complain about with the BV1800. But I did notice one or two things other users complained about:

  • The thermal carafe doesn’t do a great job at keeping the coffee warm.
  • Some people had issues with the carafe leaking.

I never experienced either of these issues when using this coffee maker. In fact, I have nothing but good things to say about the BV1800. It’s a great little coffee maker that’s affordable and brews up some of the best-tasting coffee I’ve ever had from a drip machine. I highly recommend the BV1800 to anyone looking for a new coffee maker.

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