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BUNN GRB Velocity Coffee Maker

BUNN GRB Velocity Coffee Maker (click to enlarge)

No machine brews coffee quite like a BUNN. I’m a big fan of the brand, and I’ve tested quite a few of their models. While I wasn’t impressed by all of them, the GRB Velocity Brew was one machine that stood out. Its design is simple, but it brews a quick and flavorful pot of coffee. This is one of BUNN’s best-selling models, and after trying it for myself, I can see why.


BUNN is in the business of making high quality coffee makers. This machine’s housing may not be made of stainless steel, but it is made of tough, durable plastic. The glass carafe is well-made, and the internal hot water tank is stainless steel.

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Simple But Practical Features

You won’t find a ton of buttons on the GRB Velocity Brew. In fact, you’ll only find one. And that’s all you really need with a regular coffee maker. It’s what’s on the inside that counts, and BUNN doesn’t disappoint with this model. Here’s what you’ll get with the GRB Velocity Brew:

  • Stainless steel hot water tank keeps water at the perfect brewing temperature (200 degrees F)
  • Sprayhead design ensures even, optimal extraction.
  • High quality glass carafe that keeps coffee warmer for longer.
  • Porcelain-coated warming plate.
  • 10-cup brewing capacity with 4-cup minimum.

The GRB Velocity can brew a full pot of coffee in just 3 minutes. It may not be programmable, but you can start brewing and have your morning cuppa ready in the time it takes to get dressed.

Easy to Keep Clean

As I mentioned previously, this coffee maker’s body is made of tough, durable plastic. It’s not only long-lasting, but it’s easy to clean too. Just wipe down the exterior with a sponge or damp towel.

And when it comes time to clean the inside of the machine:

  • Run a brewing cycle with just water and vinegar.
  • Run a brewing cycle with just water and no coffee grounds.

That’s it! Now, you can start brewing regular pots of coffee again. It couldn’t be easier to clean and maintain this machine.

Built to Last

BUNN is used to making machines for commercial use (they’ve been making coffee makers for restaurants for more than 40 years). The GRB Velocity Brew is built with the same rugged materials the company uses to make their commercial models. This machine will give you years of use as long as you clean and maintain it properly.

Priced Just Right

I love it when a coffee maker brews a great pot of coffee – but doesn’t cost you a fortune to own. And the GRB Velocity Brew fits right into that category. This is a coffee maker just about anyone can afford.

What I Love

  • Brews between 4 and 10 cups of coffee in just 3 minutes.
  • Porcelain-coated warming plate and glass carafe keep your coffee warm for hours.
  • Stainless steel water tank keeps the water at the ideal brewing temperature.
  • Sprayhead design extracts the most flavor from your coffee.

What I Would Change

  • The heater stays on all day.

The only gripe I have with this machine is that the heater stays on all day to keep the water hot. And that’s fine if you plan on brewing multiple pots of coffee per day. If you’re only a morning coffee drinker, I suggest turning off the machine or unplugging it when you’re not using it. Otherwise, you’re just wasting energy.

The BUNN GRB Velocity Brew is a great machine for coffee lovers who just want a simple machine that brews good coffee. It’s affordable, durable and brews a flavorful pot of coffee that even pretentious drinkers will love.

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