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BUNN NHBB Velocity Coffee Maker

BUNN NHBB Velocity Coffee Maker (click to enlarge)

I know what you’re thinking – “another BUNN coffee maker?” But guys, this is such a great machine. The NHBB Velocity is one of BUNN’s best-sellers, and it has over 1,000 reviews. I was excited to give this machine a try, and it didn’t disappoint. Is it perfect? No, but what coffee maker is? I’ll share my experiences and thoughts in my review below.

High Quality Construction

The NHB Velocity features a durable black plastic housing with steel accents. Like other BUNN brewers, this model is very well-made, sturdy and reliable. The only fragile piece is the glass carafe, but that’s to be expected.

All the Features You Need – None You Don’t

Like other Velocity brewers, the NHBB is simple in design. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. It’s what’s going on behind the scenes that counts. And the NHBB comes with some great features that help this coffee maker brew a great pot of coffee.

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  • Stainless steel water tank (internal) that keeps water at the perfect brewing temperature.
  • Sprayhead design allows for optimal flavor extraction.
  • Brews 4-10 cups of coffee at a time and in just three minutes.
  • Glass carafe.
  • Porcelain warming plate.

Yes, the NHBB brewer is simple, but it brews coffee at the perfect temperature. And the sprayhead design ensures that all the grounds are saturated for full extraction and the most flavorful coffee you’ll ever drink.

Easy Clean-Up and Maintenance

The great thing about simple coffee makers is that they’re so easy to clean. The exterior of this model can be wiped down with a sponge or damp cloth. The glass carafe is also easy to clean. Of course, you’ll need to clean the inside once a month like any other drip coffee maker. Maintenance and cleaning is uncomplicated, quick and easy.

Designed for Years of Use

All BUNN coffee makers are made to high quality standards, and I have no doubt that the NHBB will last for years. Some people have had their BUNN coffee maker for over a decade and it still brews a great pot of coffee.

The only issue you might have is with the carafe. Because it’s made of glass, it’s fragile and prone to breakage if it’s dropped. The good news is that BUNN sells replacement carafes, so you don’t have to invest in another machine just to get a new carafe.

Great Value

You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars just to enjoy a great cup of coffee. You can find the NHBB Velocity Brew in retail shops for around $135. You get a commercial-quality machine at an entry-level price.


  • Heated hot water tank keeps water at the perfect brewing temperature.
  • The sprayhead design ensures even saturation and full flavor extraction.
  • Porcelain warming plate will keep your coffee warm for hours.
  • Lightning-fast brewing – a full pot brews in just 3 minutes.


  • No programmable feature.

The NHBB does not offer a programmable feature, but with a brewing time of 3 minutes, you really don’t need one.

The BUNN NHBB Velocity Brew is a great option for anyone looking for a no-frills machine that brews a quick pot of great-tasting coffee.

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