There was a heated conversation as to what is the most popular beverage today. Party from the left, belonging to the younger generation, said it was the softdrink. Party on the right, the older of the two, said it was coffee. The debate clearly shows how famous these two beverages are, especially coffee.

The coffee industry is an industry whose worth is so enormous, like several lifetimes over. With millions upon millions enjoying it every year, there is simply no end in sight on their fame and popularity. Many people are brewing their coffee at home and others are using a takeaway, and/or drink their coffee at work.

The Drinking Habit That is Coffee

A lot of people use coffee as their wake-up call, like a morning exercise to jerk up the bones and muscles into action. Many treat coffee as their breakfast; no need for anything solid so long as he had a cup of coffee before the day starts. Coffee can help overcome drowsiness in the afternoon and in the evening. Finally, coffee is also a pleasant drink, meant to spark up meaningful and healthy conversations.

While it may be that majority of the coffee-drinking population are contented enough with coffee’s “burst of vigor”, a certain percentage is more choosy and critical when it comes to drinking it. Just as there are food and wine critics, there are also coffee critics. This is but a natural offshoot of our desire to have the best experience possible. In this case, coffee drinking is what is being judged. In the pursuit to have it in its best form, it starts with the coffee beans.

It All Start with the Beans

Coffee berries beans growingFor the benefit of those who are uninformed, coffee comes from beans which are classified as a fruit. The coffee plant is closely related to the cherry tree, and certain varieties bear fruits which very much resemble cherries just like those found on the top of cakes and ice cream sundaes.

Coffee beans are grown in many parts of the world, but the top exporters are the Latin American countries. Another region, much involved in the coffee bean industry, is Africa. Coffee beans are also grown in a lot of countries in Asia.

Coffee beans at roasted coffee heapCoffee beans have lots of flavors which has led to a variety of ways by which coffee is prepared and produced. It might be that no flavor can be considered as the best among the rest. However, for those who are really passionate about their coffee-drinking, those planning to put up a coffee shop or perhaps grow coffee, understand that coffee beans are the key and in knowing how to pick them. Read our separate article ‘from coffee plant to a cup of coffee’ here.

With this, you can be assured that every cup drank is as refreshing and enjoyable as possible.

Trust and Believe in Your Own Personal Taste

It might be that you learned to drink coffee from seeing your parents at home. Or it was at school during an overtime project that you were introduced to it. Still, it must have been at the office where everyone had a cup of coffee while working. Even if it wasn’t by your own decision at the start, if you really want to experience coffee at its best, start by being true to what you want.

Before you get into picking the best coffee beans, you need to ask yourself what coffee flavor/s you prefer. Do not simply go for a certain taste because somebody told you to. Real coffee critics state that drinking coffee is a deep, personal experience partly because this drink actually influences your mind, your mood, and can trigger insights at times.

Do you like coffee that is bitter, sweet, heavy or warming? Be honest and stay true to your taste. The flavor that you prefer will be your guide to choosing the coffee beans that will suit your taste.

Now that you know what coffee flavor you prefer, it is now time to pick coffee beans. From digging down deep in yourself, we now go into tracing the source of coffee beans.

Bean Origin – Where Does Your Coffee Come From?

Farmer harvesting coffee beansAs we mentioned earlier, coffee is produced by a lot of countries around the world. Where the coffee comes from will determine the characteristics of its beans from the color, texture, smell and of course the taste. Since you have already picked a flavor, it is now time to pick a coffee beans source.

Coffee bean flavor is influenced by the conditions where the coffee plant grew, from the temperature, altitude, and the climate. Coffee beans produced in Latin America exhibit uniform and delicate sweetness, almost similar to chocolate. For instance, Brazil coffee beans have a peanut flavor while Colombian beans give you a touch of caramel.

Those who like their coffee with a fruity sweet and a touch of acidity can go for coffee beans coming from Africa. One particular source that you should consider is coffee beans that come from Kenya and Ethiopia, partly because of the high altitude where the coffee plants grew.

For those who like coffees that have exotic and unique flavors, the source of coffee beans are those coming from Asia and also India. Coffee beans coming from these parts of the world also have a touch of herbs in them which is why some of the medicinal coffee drink is made here.

Freshness and Proper Roasting Equals the Best Coffee Ever!

Coffee beans and a cup of coffeeAs you well know, fruits are at their best when freshly picked, sliced and served. In the case of coffee beans, they are at their best when freshly picked and roasted.

Unless you live near the countries that grow coffee, your coffee beans are definitely fresh. However, it does pay to look at the label when the coffee beans were roasted. Coffee beans that were roasted a couple of weeks before retaining much of their original qualities and are highly recommended. Coffee beans roasted a month ago or beyond are usually dry and no longer have that “burst effect” that most coffee drinkers seek.

And of course, who says you can’t roast your own coffee beans? After all, being a coffee aficionado, this skill should come with the territory. So if you’re keen to learn, then master the art and science of roasting coffee beans.

The best cup of coffee comes from fresh beans and proper roasting techniques finished with a sprinkle of love and passion for anything caffeine.