Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press - beautiful mirror designBack in the day, people used to have the impression that a French press coffee maker is a hassle, as well as time consuming. And for the most part, it does take a bit of extra time. However, the amount of richness of every brew you get from it is unlike no other. One good example of such coffee maker is the Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press.

This product prides itself with a design that can last a long time, and a guaranteed delicious brew to go along with it. But what makes it so good? And why is everybody raving about it? Well, just keep reading and find out for yourself.

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When you first look at this stainless steel French press, it’s like looking at a mirror, due to its stainless steel-finished exterior. It’s also extremely heat resistant so you won’t be afraid to pick it up by the handle, even after you pour in hot water that just came from a boil. This Kuissential French press model can also make 8 equal servings of a delightful cup o’ Joe, so everyone can enjoy.

Other specifics of this Kuissential coffee maker are as follows:

  • Double-walled stainless steel design
  • Single screen filter
  • Resistant to scratches
  • Dishwasher-friendly
  • Overall height is 9-inch (top to bottom)
  • Overall width is 7-inch (side to side)

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press - explained

French Press - how to make delicious coffee

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French Press - packagingFeatures

This Kuissential French press boasts a double wall design that not only keeps you from unintentionally burning yourself, but it also helps attain that optimal brewing temperature that coffee grounds need. You can even leave it as is for more than an hour, and you will still get a hot drink from it thereafter. Furthermore, its polished and reflective finish allows it to blend well on almost any countertop.

First, select the best coffee beans for your delicious cup of coffee (using our coffee beans guide) and then you’ll have to grind them with your coffee grinder.

As for the French press purifying method, this Kuissential coffee maker only uses a single screen reusable filter system, which is a lot more economical, not to mention eco-friendly, than conventional disposable filters. Furthermore, filters such as the one found in this particular French press model, are much better at letting essential oils and acids through the end mix, which normally can’t pass through ordinary paper filters, giving you that full and deep flavor of java.

Thanks to its durable stainless steel body, this coffee brewer can better withstand low accidental drops. Moreover, this type of material build also prevents abrasive marks and nicks from ever appearing on the body, compared to other similar unit that uses a glass figure. Plus, it can be easily cleaned via a dishwashing machine. Just make sure not to use excessive amounts of soap.

When you take a look inside, you will see a nice brushed finish in it. This brand model in particular can also serve up to 8 people, given if each individual receives equal servings, which are 4 oz. each to be more exact. But if it’s just you and a friend or two, then you all can enjoy another cup of joe without having to brew another set. Talk about efficient, right?

Upon purchase, you can expect to receive a coffee plunger, and a press pot and caftiere. Manuals also come with the package, which you should definitely take time to read, if you want to get the most out of what this ingenious product can offer.


  • Easy to use and handle, making it perfect for household use
  • Fancy mirror-like exterior finish. Goes well with any modern kitchen room interior
  • Double-walled design. For durability and scratch prevention
  • Longer hot temperature retention equals optimal flavor preservation.
  • Easily cleaned either via dishwasher or manual washing by hand
  • The single filter saves you a lot of money, while also keeping the environment green


  • Involves a bit more hands-on process than a drip coffee maker
  • The filter and plunger can be sometimes hard to separate

Kuissential 8-Cup Stainless Steel French PressFinal Verdict

Click here to get the price of the Kuissential Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker 

If you want a long-lasting French press that will continue to brew quality coffee, then this Kuissential French press coffee maker is for you. From its design, build, and use, you simply can’t go wrong with it. And whether you have friends over or you are just by your lonesome, there’s always a delicious cup o’ java ready and waiting for everyone. So what are you waiting for? Order yours now.